Once you are a registered BetterGrids user, you will have the option to submit models from your My BetterGrids page that appears after you sign in. 

Here you will find:

  • a list of your in-progress submissions - from this list you can resume the submission process where you left off, or you can remove the submission and cancel the item.
  • a list of the submissions which you are supervising or collaborating on
  • a list of submissions that are awaiting your action (if you have a collection workflow role).
  • a link to a list of items that you have submitted and that have already been accepted into BetterGrids. 

To submit a new model, choose the Submit option and select the most appropriate collection.  

This will begin a process of collecting meta-data about your submission, and allow you to upload your model files.  After these steps are complete, you must agree with the license before the model submission is passed to our curators for review and approval.  You can track the progress of your submission from your My BetterGrids page.